Life Events


Baptisms usually take place on Sunday afternoons on the hour from 2.00pm - 4.00pm and will last about half an hour.  Baptisms can also be arranged within our Sunday Morning Service, but we find this best suits those who are regular attenders at Church. To qualify to have your child baptised at one of our churches you need to be resident within the Parish. Visit our Download Page for more information. we would point out that there is often a waiting list and this may extend to several months.


If you want to get married in one of our churches then we would love to marry you -

Weddings are often arranged up to two years in advance so please allow plenty

of time to check whether the Church is available on your chosen day.

The law requires that at least one of those to be married should:
- Lives within the parish where the wedding is to take place
- or be a Regular worshipper in the parish and have their name entered on the church electoral roll
- or have a Qualifying Connection

A Qualifying Connection as currently described in the Marriage (Wales) Act 2010 is
"that you were baptised or confirmed in the parish, that you or a parent formally lived for at least six months in the parish, that you or a parent formerly habitually attended worship in the parish for at least six months or that a parent or grandparent had been married in the parish."


Even if you are not a regular church attender but live within our parish we are more than happy to offer our service to you in a time of bereavement. As well as that, if your loved one lived in a different part of the country or the world there is the option of having a Memorial Service within the parish for those living here who would have known them.

Please visit our download page for further information