About Us

Here in the Parish of Llantrisant we are Christians !.

What that basically means is that we believe that God made the world and all that is in it. However something has gone wrong with the world which we would call sin. It's why there are weapons and wars in the world at the same time as there are rainbows on a summer day. We believe that the Bible that God has given us to be true and that contained within it is everything we need to understand what has happened in the world, what is happening in the world and what the future holds.

Most importantly though we believe that Jesus Christ who walked this earth between 3BC and 30AD was the Son of God and that when he died on the cross he took away the sin of the world. Jesus was born just like you and me, grew up in this world just like you and me but he was God's son. Mary was his mother but Joseph was not his father. What Jesus promised and what we believe as Christians is that if you repent of your sins and ask Jesus into your life, which means say sorry for all the bad things you have done and start again, God will forgive you, you will have a clean slate and life will continue for you in heaven when you die. To keep you on the right track God will send his Holy Spirit to live in you to give you everything you need to live the Christian life. Here in the parish of Llantrisant we are part of the Anglican denomination of Christianity. That in a sense means we have a certain style and structure about the way that we express our beliefs. i.e. we have churches that look like churches and clergy who wear dog collars Have a browse around to find out about our churches and the service times within each of them. We have included information about the styles of worship in each one so you know what to expect if you decide to come along. We've included a page about us so you can see what we all believe to be true about God and his son Jesus Christ. As well as that we have information pages about baptisms, weddings, funerals and how to get information from our parish archives. We've also got a download area for the standard information documents that we thought you might like to read. Our weekly newsletter or magazine pages are probably a good place to start as they show you what is happening now and in the near future. If you want a bigger picture check out our what's on page or just contact us for more information. Our aim in this parish is to come close to God and worship him. To bring others in to a relationship with Jesus Christ and to try and live our lives in a way which reflects his goodness to us and to serve and glorify him. We also want to be able to serve the different communities we are part of. We are just an ordinary group of people with a Christian faith and we hope you’ll find something in what we do that might encourage you to come and join us or to get involved in an activity.